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May 2018 Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper

This month is a big month for us here at Paper Raven Co.! We're moving house and studio (again, woof!) and we're coming off of a bonkers month of Holiday deadlines. It was especially refreshing to paint with some lovely sherbet pinks and bright, fresh greens. Daniel, Patty and I have been taking every chance we have to be outside in the sunshine, and I am excited af for the new *backyard* that's coming with our new house!! Tiki torches, BBQs, string lights, sunny morning coffee, lots of gardening. Lately I've really been trying to count the little, everyday joys in my life.   Click on the graphic above to download the free desktop wallpaper. If you like these, please tell your friends about it, and tag me on...

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It's Gonna be MAY!

Yea, I really wanted to make my monthly subscriber desktop download a shameless homage to the song that's been stuck in my head for a week straight. I cooled it, though, and did some watercolors for you instead. Things have been super busy around here, so I'm going to be brief this month and just let you get to the good stuff right away. Shazam! Click below to grab the wallpaper!

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