A Thanksgiving Printable Set

A Thanksgiving Printable Set

Paper Raven Co. Thanksgiving Card and Gift Tag Printable


Surprise! I'm comin' atcha in the evening tonight to hand-deliver a fun and free printable for your Thanksgiving festivities. I have whipped up a Thank You Card and a set of little Gift Tags for you to use on Thursday. Simply click the image above to download. I recommend printing the items on cardstock paper on a color printer. Or you can go to your local Kinko's or Fedex store and request that they print it for you.

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Attach the gift tag to a bottle of wine and bring it to Thanksgiving Dinner.
  • On the back of the card, write 2 - 3 things you appreciate about the hostess. Tuck it in an envelope and bring it with your side dish. 
  • If you're hosting, print several sheets and use the gift tags when boxing up leftovers to send home with your guests. 
  • Give the card to someone who helped you cook! 
  • Write guests' names on the gift tags and use them as drink markers. Tie them around the stem of a wine or water glass. 
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed illustrating these for you. As always, I would love to see how you've used them! Feel free to tag me on Instagram for some virtual high-fives.

I hope you have a very warm holiday, filled with good food and people you love.
Warmly, Erin