April 2021 Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper

Happy April!

It has been a very busy Spring over here at Paper Raven Co. Springtime always brings new projects and new clients that are always fun to work with, and I'm excited to share some of the products I've designed very soon!

Stay tuned for the 2022 Calendar Theme Voting! As we've done for about 4 years now, I will gather up some good ideas for a Calendar Theme, and then will invite you to vote on your favorite! This is always the most fun part for me, so I hope you'll keep an eye out and let me know what you think. 

We are also doing a Flash Sale on our New Perpetual Calendars!
Take 10% off today only with code SPRINGVIBES (ends 4/1/21 at 11:59pm EST)

In my personal life, Daniel and I are gearing up on our First Home Search and feel really optimistic for the possibilities of growing together and making a house into a home for us. Everything feels like it's falling into place :) 

* To receive the April Desktop Wallpaper, please click on the Graphic Below:
April 2021 Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper by Paper Raven Co. #dressyourtech #desktopwallpaper #desktopdownload

I love to see your setups! Take a snap of your space with your new wallpaper, and tag me over on Instagram so I can give you a high-five!  

Thank you all so much again.


April 2021 Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper by Paper Raven Co. #dressyourtech #desktopwallpaper #desktopdownload
April 2018 Illustrated Wallpaper

April 2018 Illustrated Wallpaper

Happy April, and Happy Easter, for those who celebrate. If you don't celebrate, then cheers to more sunshine - which we are finally having here in Atlanta! And what inspired April's Wallpaper. On my quest for more color, I have fallen even more deeply in love with royal blues and bright yellows. I hope you enjoy this happy wallpaper! Sending you good vibes at the start of this month.

April 2018 Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper by Paper Raven Co.

Click on the graphic above to download the free desktop wallpaper. And check out a peek at my inking process below.

Paper Raven Co. Inking Illustration Claude Monet, I must have flowers

If you like these, please tell your friends about it, and tag me on Instagram with a pic of your desktop or phone in your feed or stories, and I'll be sharing them on my Stories :) Cheers, Enjoy, and hopefully you are eating lots of candy today... for reasons that are your own ;) My personal fav? Those Cadbury Creme Eggs. Ugh yes.

Happy Easter from Paper Raven Co. Painted Watercolor Easter Eggs


April 2018 Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper by Paper Raven Co.