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April 2019 Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper

Happy April! :) I hope it's been feeling like Spring wherever you are! This is the first Spring we are in our house, and we have been discovering all kinds of plants and trees that we didn't realize we had in our yard - like daffodils, a dogwood tree, and a Japanese Maple tree (Dan's favorite). As we've made these discoveries, it's truly felt like a little bit of magic. I also feel a shifting sense of energy: an excitement for things to come and a renewed sense of joy. So with that in mind, I created April's Desktop Wallpaper for you, to share a little magic with you too. I hope you like it! * Click on the image...

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April 2018 Illustrated Wallpaper

Happy April, and Happy Easter, for those who celebrate. If you don't celebrate, then cheers to more sunshine - which we are finally having here in Atlanta! And what inspired April's Wallpaper. On my quest for more color, I have fallen even more deeply in love with royal blues and bright yellows. I hope you enjoy this happy wallpaper! Sending you good vibes at the start of this month. Click on the graphic above to download the free desktop wallpaper. And check out a peek at my inking process below. If you like these, please tell your friends about it, and tag me on Instagram with a pic of your desktop or phone in your feed or stories, and I'll be sharing them on my Stories...

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April Desktop Download + The Beauty of Nature

One of the best parts of my day, as the weather has warmed, has been walking my sweet dog Patty in the afternoons. Our neighborhood is in bloom, and we have a ton of bird species nesting in the trees. During our outings, I like to pause and take a moment to intentionally appreciate nature, to notice details, and welcome that peaceful mental state into my work. If that sounds a little "woo-woo" to you, maybe it is. But in an increasingly chaotic world, especially when the environment and the planet is at such risk, it's become a focal point of my day to stop and be grateful for the beauty around me. Nature teaches us so many things: persistence, balance,...

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