Update: If you are coming from the future (2024, lol!), you are in the right place! 

A few weeks ago, I fell and injured my wrist on my dominant drawing hand, so I have not been able to make work at the same capacity recently until it is healed up! I’m not one to April Fools, so I wanted to make sure you had a wallpaper in your inbox this morning, even if it was a re-run :) The dates for this wallpaper are indeed correct for 2024, and I hope you will enjoy a fun Throwback Edition of my April Wallpaper! Click the image below to receive your wallpaper.


Happy April! :) I hope it's been feeling like Spring wherever you are! This is the first Spring we are in our house, and we have been discovering all kinds of plants and trees that we didn't realize we had in our yard - like daffodils, a dogwood tree, and a Japanese Maple tree (Dan's favorite). As we've made these discoveries, it's truly felt like a little bit of magic. I also feel a shifting sense of energy: an excitement for things to come and a renewed sense of joy. So with that in mind, I created April's Desktop Wallpaper for you, to share a little magic with you too. I hope you like it!

*** Click on the image below to receive the Desktop Wallpaper. ***

April 2019 Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper | www.ShopPaperRavenCo.com #dressyourtech #desktopbackground 

If you like these, I would love if you'd share a snap of your space with the newest wallpaper with me, and I will be reposting them on my Instagram Stories!

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Thank you so much!



Katie McCann

Katie McCann said:

Perfect for spring!

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