Happy May, everyone. We have been over here baking way too many brownies, doing a little bit of stress-eating (relatable content?) and taking a lot of long walks through our neighborhood. Mostly, we have been trying to focus on the bright spots in this current situation. I'll be the first to admit that some days are easier than others! In that spirit, I wanted to create May's Desktop Wallpaper from a place of joy and inspiration from our time outdoors. The happiest moments of my days have been when Daniel, Patty and I take walks around our neighborhood and admire the new flowers blooming everywhere. We are so privileged to live in a beautiful, safe place with nice weather, and I have been doing everything to keep that top of mind so I can use the support we're receiving as a business and turn it around to help our neighbors and local economy. 

* Click on the image below to download the Desktop Wallpaper.
May 2020 Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper by Paper Raven Co. | www.ShopPaperRavenCo.com #desktopwallpaper #desktopdownload #dressyourtech

Please feel free to share a photo snap of your new desktop wallpaper on Instagram, and I would love if you would tag me and share this with your friends so we can all brighten each other's days a bit :)

I also want to take a moment to say a very heartfelt THANK YOU.
Like, a from-my-bones thank you.

I was very unsure at the outset of Covid-19 where we would be as a business, or how we would navigate the uncertain road ahead. I have been truly blown away by the support we have received - kind words, messages, sharing my work on Instagram, and yes, orders! You all showed up for us - for me - in a BIG WAY. I wish I had words to adequately express how appreciative I am, and how big of an impact you have made for me and my little family. Thank you!

Don't forget that we have a Special Mother's Day Gift Guide put together, and you can use code STAYHOME for 15% off your order!

May 2020 Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper by Paper Raven Co. | www.ShopPaperRavenCo.com | #dressyourtech #desktopwallpaper #desktopdownload



Jessica said:

Hi! I have been a huge fan of your desktop wallpapers. I was wondering if you will post June 2020 wallpaper?

FYI I love your designs!!


Jessica Durand


Katie said:

This is lovely! Thank you for making these

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