January 2020 Desktop Wallpaper
Happy January - it's a Shiny New Decade! What are your plans for 2020? I hope you have something wonderful in store :) As for me, my resolutions include giving myself more White Space, healthier work-life boundaries (hard for creatives!), and a healthier lifestyle with more gym visits and activity that I ENJOY (that one is predictable, I know, but it's true!). 

For me, this year is about keeping it simple, so with that in mind, I created this January 2020 Desktop Calendar, and focused on the hand-lettering, with just a few little embellishments. 
January 2020 Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper by Paper Raven Co. | www.ShopPaperRavenCo.com | #dressyourtech #desktopwallpaper #desktopdownload

* Click on the image above to receive the Desktop Wallpaper.

Thank you so much for being here, and I hope this new decade gives you a chance for reflection, clarity and hope!


Free January 2020 Desktop Wallpaper by Paper Raven Co. | www.ShopPaperRavenCo.com | #dressyourtech #desktopwallpaper #desktopdownload


America Martinez

America Martinez said:

Was searching for wallpapers and stumbled upon these beauties! I love your work!

Annette M

Annette M said:

love it

Ayu Sav

Ayu Sav said:

Hey, I just found your blog while searching 2020 wallpaper. I absolutely love all your works! Thank you so much for these amazing wallpapers <3

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