DIY Gold Painted Pumpkins

Halloween is my favorite Holiday. I mean, I like it more than Christmas. Maybe it's the air getting crisp on my morning walks with Patty, or maybe it's that everything is covered in Pumpkin Spice, or maybe it's the beautiful scenery and changing colors. Or the opportunity to carve pumpkins. This year, I wanted to do my own take on Pumpkin Decor, so I spent a nice sunny fall morning making this DIY to share with you. Enjoy!

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1. Gather your materials! I grabbed the mini Pumpkins from my local grocery store, and if you need some cheap (but good!) paint, you can head over to your local hardware store and grab a sample of Valspar "Satin" (pictured above) for like, $2! That's less than a tube of good acrylic, this art school grad will tell you. Pick up your favorite paintbrush and a Gold Sharpie. You may also want a cup of water for refreshing the brush and a paper towel.

2. Get ready to paint! Don't forget to shake up the sample for even pigment distribution!

Paper Raven Co. - - DIY Painted Pumpkins

3. Paint a flower shape. It doesn't have to be intricate - we will be adding the gold accents on top of the paint once it dries, and this is where the detail will come in. 

4. Be free to make floral shapes, leaf shapes and berry shapes. Don't worry about messy edges - they will be covered in gold! Try to fill the front side of the pumpkin, or you can even cover the whole thing! Once the paint dries (about 20-30 minutes), apply a quick second coat.

Paper Raven Co. - - DIY Painted Pumpkins

5. Voila! They look so elegant and sophisticated - and the gold isn't even on yet! Let these babes dry for 30 minutes and make yourself a cup of coffee or tea. 

Paper Raven Co. - - DIY Painted Pumpkins

6. Now the fun part! Using your Gold Sharpie, carefully outline each shape in gold. I found it was easier if I pressed lightly. Then, add in interior details like petals, leaf veins, and decorative elements. Have fun with it! You can go for realism or a graphic style or a mix of both. 

7. The Gold Sharpie dries fairly quickly, but give them a good 5 minute sit so you can admire without smudging.

Paper Raven Co. - - DIY Painted Pumpkins

Paper Raven Co. - - DIY Painted Pumpkins

And there you have it! You can make as many of these as your heart desires! Here are some ideas:
- Nestle them at your front doorstep with a cinnamon broom and a basket of pinecones. 
- Get the super mini gourd pumpkins and make each a place setting at your next Fall Get-Together.
- Fall Wedding? Make one for each of your tables for a pretty (and affordable!) centerpiece.
- Or, decorate your Thanksgiving Table and make a beautiful place setting, like we have done here:

Paper Raven Co. - - DIY Painted Pumpkins

Fabric Tablecloth, "Sweet Leaves and Berries" from Minted // PlaceCard, "Autumn Thicket" from Paper Raven Co. // Dinner Plate from World Market // Lantern from IKEA // Dessert Plate Thrifted

Paper Raven Co. - - DIY Painted Pumpkins

Don't forget to share your finished pumpkins on Instagram and tag me at so I can see! Or leave a comment here with how you used the DIY :)

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Kuralay said:

Wow! This is so cute and timely! Can’t wait to try this with my pumpkin!

Christine Cravens

Christine Cravens said:

Terrific blog post! I love the pumpkins with your cards. Lovely!

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