🌈 Happy June 🌈

Hello everyone! I am so happy for the Summer to begin in earnest, and am looking forward to longer days, a slower schedule, and savoring being outside (minus mosquitos - they can kick rocks)

For this month’s illustration, I wanted to draw some summery flowers, alongside one of my favorite fruits of the season: strawberries. Unfortunately for my husband and I, out neighborhood thrashers (birds!) have found ours growing in our garden, and have even outsmarted our fake owl. Oh well - hope you enjoy this one!

* To Receive the June Desktop Wallpaper, click on the graphic below! *

June 2024 Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper by Paper Raven Co. #dressyourtech #desktopwallpaper

I'm always happy to see your new backgrounds over on Instagram - be sure to snap a pic and tag me!


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